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It would be impossible for you to find even a handful of little boys and girls that didn’t enjoy playing cops and robbers when they were kids. And while this game would play out in a number of different ways – either with index fingers and thumbs as weapons, plastic handcuffs that were all too easy for the perps to break out of, or just a handful of toys that were designated as the good guys and the bad guys, it was a game played and enjoyed by millions of us.
And now we are able to share that same kind of fun experience and imaginative exercise with our own little ones, with the Lego Police Station playset collection.
No self-respecting police force would be without a police station, and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to enjoy with this Lego playset here it giving you all of the pieces you need to build a station with to jail cells, a digital command center, a helicopter landing in launchpad, and a garage for two cruisers or SUVs – as well as a handful of police officers, robbers, police dogs, and a ton of tools and accessories that you’ll need – this is the ultimate starter point for your Lego Police Station collection.

Lego City Police Helicopter
But that helicopter launch pad would go totally and completely unused unless of course you had your very own Lego Police Station Helicopter. This kit is comprised of 94 pieces that let you build the perfect police chase helicopter, complete with a pilot figurine to get out and around town to relay orders and instructions to the guys on the ground.

Lego Police Mini figure Collection

And while you might of thought that you had enough grizzled veterans – and two criminals – with the Lego Police Station, this mini figure collection is going to double your force dramatically on each side of the fence. It also includes an ATM machine for the perps to try and crack into, handcuffs, a money sack and brick of cash, as well as an ATV and police dog figurine that you can use to track down the bad guys.

Lego Mobile Police Unit
This is for the bigger cities with some serious crime, and you’ll be able to tow your own mobile command center with this Lego Police Station accessory. Including two police officers and one robber, this is a cabin trailer that totes around a mobile command center to help you chase the red get away sports car that’s included.
Lego City Police Forest Station
It’s not every day that you’ll find city criminals that are willing to stretch things out into the woodland areas, but sometimes it happens – and you’ll need to be completely prepared. This Lego Police Station playset gives you five different mini figures, the forest police station, a 4 x 4 police SUV, a mini helicopter, a robber ATV, and a whole host of other necessary accessories to help you really fill out this forest police station.