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Throw pillows beautify our living room. But have you ever imagine how dust mites and molds are forming inside your pillows? It has millions or even more, especially if you have kids in your house. Kids loves to play with the throw pillows, and even adults usually grab a throw pillows when sitting in front of the television. Have it clean and sanitized all the time to prevent allergies and skin disease.

Throw pillows or cushion covers can be easily washed out stains and dust with a laundry machine. Washable pillows can be cleaned with the regular washing machines as well. But some pillows can be deformed when it is washed in the machine. And we cannot afford to wash all the pillows and cushions every week right?

The best way I clean and sanitize our pillows is to hang it outside to allow fresh air and sun beams wash away unwanted bacteria. Dust, sweat and pet odor if you have, are the main source of bacteria. Using disinfectant spray then hanging it outside eliminate bacteria to stay inside the pillows. Those bacteria can cause molds that will produce bad odor and allergies.

This process is also good for bedding, linens blankets and bed pillows. Also I hang dry all the kids stuff toys and teddy bears. We cannot prevent kids foods spill out, that is another cause of molds. Keep our kids safe from those bacteria especially from their toys, stuff toys that they love to hug all the time.

Try this practice and experience a clean and fresh pillows all the time. It is a promise to give you a soothing and comfortable lifestyle. I do this almost once or thrice a week if there is a good weather. Besides cleaning the house, air filtering and vacuums it is also advisable to free out bacteria that is hiding inside our pillows.

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